Amanda originally grew up in Washington, DC. She credits her grandmother, a ceramic artist, for giving her the desire to become an artist. She remembers going to the East Wing Building of the National Gallery of Art with her and spending many hours in her Grandmother’s studio.

Amanda was educated at the New York Studio School, characterized by large-scale expressionism. Consequently, Amanda feels comfortable working on a very large scale. In fact, Amanda's time at the NYSS was spent creating life sized clay sculpture from the nude model.

"I'm not interested in rendering every detail. I'm striving to create something new and modern. I want to create a painting that I have never seen before; to achieve a sense that the image is emerging; almost creating itself."

....“There is a sculpture-like essence to her paintings: a singularity and a completeness. It’s as if Wilner has painted the sides and the back of the piece although no one can see it.”—Michele Corriel

Amanda has a BA from The University of Pennsylvania in Design of the Environment and holds an MFA from Utah State University in Sculpture. To learn more about awards, teaching appointments, etc go to  http://www.amandawilner.com/resume.php


East Wing of the National Gallery of Art. Designed by I. M. Pei, this is the contemporary art collection of the National Gallery.

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